Scrappi is a reverse incubator.
We build tech startups that focus solely on solving global problems.
We do this by fostering a team of super talented intrapreneurs.
We are turning the buzz world of entrepreneurialism on its head to create
sustainable businesses that change the world.


 What’s with the name?
After touring Silicon Valley one of our Founders loved how every startup she visited
referred to being ‘scrappy’ in their approach. Meaning they were agile, imperfect
but determined and whilst may start small can kick some serious ass!
Scrappi plans to be on the stage with our Silicon Valley favourites.



Why does what we do matter?

We are three entrepreneurs who have all built successful businesses. We have done the hard yards and learnt a lot along the way.

We are genuinely concerned about the buzz and hype attached to entrepreneurship and startups.

Everywhere we turn there is a 20 year old tech Founder building something that either nobody wants or they don’t have the skills to commercialise. Thinking that if they have money they will be the next big hit.  It is not reality. They have got something that the world needs but they are not being guided to be successful.

We want to give those stars an opportunity to use their tech/marketing/digital/project management skills, within a startup environment among proven entrepreneurs.  We want to foster the perfect intrapreneur to have the life and opportunities of an entrepreneur by doing what they love.  We want to share the ownership of our creations.

We are always searching for the next tech startup gun.  Is that you?