The choice has never been greater

Recently I attended a business breakfast event where the keynote speaker was Cameron Clyne (Chairman of Australian Rugby Union and former CEO of the National Australia Bank). Cameron shared a story on taking his 16-year-old son to a rugby game. His son, an above average rugby fan, wasn’t really interested in the first half of the game but started to show interest in the second half, when there was more intensity and action. Cameron shared that something was rapidly changing in sporting-viewer world.

Fans, and consumers have more choice than ever before. Sporting codes are fighting for eyeballs. TV viewer numbers for popular sports like NFL are continuing to decline due to the choice a consumer has at that exact moment. Companies like Netflix release all 13 episodes of a popular new series, unheard of 3 years ago and now kind of expected!

The choices on where I focus my attention have never been greater. Even during a meeting I could check my phone 38 times and this would be acceptable (although a pet hate of mine!). To really focus on a decision or solve a problem requires me to make a choice, a choice on where I place my attention to achieve a result.

The business world now expects us to make rapid, informed decisions while minimising the downside risk. The constant flow of data enables us to be more informed. However, I sometimes wonder in this world of constant distractions, if our decision-making has improved as fast as the creation of new choices.

The world is changing rapidly, are you prepared?