It takes a village to raise a child, and the community to increase child literacy!

The Scrappi founders together with 10-year-old entrepreneur Digger Watts have joined forces to encourage childhood literacy, creativity and community.  Your Secret Sauce is a tech platform that brings together kids from all over the world to write shared stories.  Think ‘choose your own adventure! We now need your help for this cool adventure!

We are Crowdfunding Your Secret Sauce so that we can scale this global business quickly and have as many kids from all over the world writing stories together as soon as possible.  We want to be live and increasing literacy and creativity by December 2017! The sooner we achieve our pledge amount the sooner we can get started on development, and the more we raise the quicker we can get YSS across the world!

There is another important reason for Crowdfunding.  Whilst the Scrappi Founders are all experienced business people, this is the first business for the youngest Co-Founder of Your Secret Sauce, Digger.  As he is 10 he doesn’t have any money or too much time to contribute to the build of this platform!  Although we will say that it is his idea and he has played a critical role in writing the strategy and vision, mission and values for the business.  As well as being the Brand Ambassador or ‘face’ of the business. 

We want to inspire kids to explore entrepreneurialism and give new business ideas a go…whether it be a lemonade stand, blog or something bigger.  By Crowdfunding we can involve other kids in the business journey and teach Digger one way to get a business off the ground when you have limited resources…asking the help of the community!

It doesn’t matter whether you have children or not, there are lots of ways you can become part of the YSS community that is supporting childhood literacy and entrepreneuralism whilst also helping those kids less fortunate…yes, there is a philanthropic element to Your Secret Sauce at Digger’s request through B1G1.

We go live tomorrow Tuesday 17th October and you can keep updated by subscribing to YSS at or liking our Facebook page .  We will then send you the Kickstarter link for your support!

Thanks in advance.