What I am learning from having Co-Founders

It is only a few months in so I wouldn’t expect there to be too much drama at this point and it probably seems silly I am even blogging about this. However I really want to document this most recent startup journey so I can refer to it in the years ahead.

After having run my first business wattsnext for 10 years with no business partner, I specifically wanted to have partners in my next venture.  I had heard many horror stories of bad partnerships but I also have many examples around me of very powerful partnerships. Ultimately I knew that to achieve what I wanted to do next I could not do it alone and that was the crux of it.

I needed skills, experience and personality traits that were very different to mine to go global. I also didn’t want to feel all alone.  I wanted others around me who were just as excited, driven and committed to achieving the big goals as I was.  Partners who wanted to hustle hard and would never complain about it because it feels great!  I wanted Partners who were not thinking ‘what’s in it for me’ but were committed to the overall vision and BHAG of the business.

So far I have definitely experienced the benefits of all of these things in Scrappi plus the following:

1.     The network – we now have triple the network we had on our own plus a much more diversified network.  Whenever we talk about the ‘dream’ connection we need it seems that at least one of us has some way of making that introduction.

2.     The values – we are confident that we won’t have the disaster situations that other partnerships have because we took time at the beginning to make sure we were aligned on the Scrappi values.  This is a critical activity that often gets overlooked with the speed and excitement of a startup and one I am so pleased we are all committed to.

3.      Shared responsibility – we are all in this and we all need to do our bit.  I love being able to focus on what I am specifically good at knowing that the other critical elements of the business are not only being done but are being done by someone who is excellent in that particular area.

4.     Energy companion – we get excited together over the smallest of wins that no one else would think matter, this is awesome!  We also can keep the energy consistent, when someone is down another is up.  This makes the journey feel much less like the rollercoaster I have experienced being on my own.

Overall I am thoroughly enjoying this new experience, it is exceeding my expectations and I am learning a lot.  I think a big component of this is that I have the perfect Co-Founders for me and our business but that is no reason to ever be complacent.  Our relationship is like a marriage and will require the commitment and work to ensure it continues to thrive.

I look forward to seeing how I describe my experience and learnings from this partnership in a year’s time.  Let’s hope it will be even stronger.  I think it will be!